I walked through the hallway. I was alone. No one next to me. I felt like the whole world was watching. It seemed as everyone stopped their conversations; just to stare. All I saw was my ex best friend; Katelyn with her little group of friends which I thought were ‘snotty’. It was awkward of course.Then I saw her; Brooke (the bully) from the distance, she was storming down my way, as if i actually did something to her. No; she liked to pick on me.

” Hey! where are u going? huh? ” she screamed. I remained silent, my mind was blank. All I was hoping was that she doesn’t humiliate me.

” Huh? answer me! You’re too scared aren’t ya? Huh?” she kept yelling. I replied in my timid voice, ” Just leave me alone. ” 

” You want me to leave u alone? Huh? ” she angrily asked. I didn’t answer her and tried shuffling my way passed her.

” You’re not going anywhere! ” as she grabbed my shirt and walked me all the way to the Girls bathroom; which was at the end of the hall. The other kids just watched me being dragged to torture. When we arrived to the bathroom, there were a few girls in there. Of course they were frightened, and ran out. Then this is when I got scared. What was she going to do? Was she gonna take a video of me being humiliated and show the whole school???????

  ” Please don’t do anything to me!! Please! ” I desperately asked her.

She just forced me to the empty stall and almost dipped me head in the toilet.

Then right before anything could happen, my old best friend walked in the bathroom, she walked in the stall next to mine, then when she walked out, she heard me screaming. She kicked open the door, and screamed,

” HEY STOP IT, LEAVE HER ALONE!” I was really surprised, I looked back and said, ” Katelyn?”

She replied, ” Yeah, Madison?” all i answered was, ” Thanks “

do you learn a lesson from movies?

hey! It’s daily here with me, thereadysetlover14! now, i’ve watched many movies about bullying, and I made a generalization. I realized that in all the movies I’ve watched, all the bystanders just watch and don’t do anything about it! Like in a movie called Cyberbully, her friends left her and didn’t stand up for what was wrong. And another movie called Girl Fight, one of the girls just stood there watching an innocent girl being beat up. How harsh is that? I don’t know if that is the message the movie directors are trying to give out, but maybe that will change in the future. 🙂

Clear it Up

can people change? Even people you are really close to? Well that might be the case through miscommunications. Sometimes your best friend talked to other people, and those people spread rumors and things about you that aren’t true. Then your best friend somehow finds out, and gets mad at you-when you have no idea why! So when things like this happen, you should go to your friend and clear things up. I’m sure that even how mad your friend is, she will eventually have to listen, because you ARE her best friend! So go to her or him and explain yourself, and things will come into place; reading a puzzle saying that you are innocent. It will be okay. I promise 🙂

I’m Back!

Hey everyone! I hope everything in life is going great. I haven’t wrote for a long time because my schedule was getting a little crowded. Well, i’m back now, and always remember to feel free to ask me anything. I try to check the blog everyday, and update it. So you should receive quick responses. Stay happy! 😀